To be gay or not to be gay that is the question?

Homophobia has been and still is a major issue in today’s society. From the music industry to sports individuals have been criticized, and looked down upon, because of their sexual preference and clearly this should be frowned upon. Why should it matter? And therefore why does it matter? For example if an individual is an amazing singer and people recognize this individual’s talent and enjoy it why should the motive change? If the motive suddenly changes, because people find out that this set person is gay then I sadly must say that we are living in a shameful and homophonic society. Being gay is a gender choice and it shouldn’t change people’s perceptions of other people. The majority of people who actually have a problem with gay people don’t realize the harm they are actually committing. All this hatred is making it so much harder for individuals to come out as gay. Many gay individuals are still in the closet about their identity; because they are afraid their loved ones and society will not accept them. At the end of the day the way I see it whether you are pro gay or not who says it’s anyone’s right or business to dictate the way other people choose to live their lives. There are many people who may not agree with this lifestyle choice, but think about it what harm is really being done? There’s the point of not accepting it and the point of making rude remarks and just taking it too far. No one is being forced to approve of the whole situation and I believe if people kept comments to themselves and worried about their own lives then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Who are we as human beings to criticize the way someone has been born and raised into this world? We were all born into this world with certain preferences. Just because liking the same sex is a way of life that some are not familiar or fond of it doesn’t mean it is wrong.


3 thoughts on “To be gay or not to be gay that is the question?

  1. Hatred and bias of anything always causes problems but especially in something as delicate a topic as sexual orientation. It’s hard enough just dealing with society but sometimes that hatred comes from close family members.


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