All The Things Great About Undergrad

I have spoken to my fair share of young adults, who have boldly told me that they think university is a waste of time. I did not argue with them, but in my mind thought they were quite insane. I will admit there are many intelligent human beings who have in fact not gone to university or college. But the reality is not all will be lucky and be successful without attaining a proper education. The fact is many are not motivated. I think what students need is to realize all the advantages they get by attending university.

Talking from my experience so far at the University of Toronto, I have noticed that having good professors is one thing. It really makes all the difference for the courses you are taking. If the professor is not as engaged with the content, and doesn’t maintain a good relationship with the students then students will either not come to class, or more than half the time, they will drop the course. The relationship between the students and teacher has really changed in my opinion. I’ve noticed it’s more of a friendship, since some classes are much smaller. Students are able to maintain a better experience, which makes them actually enjoy learning. Professors have been making the class enjoyable, by being passionate and engaging, which is so important. They have been bringing outside info and sources related to the lecture and material, which gives students a wide range of information that can be used for essays and assignments. In addition, it raises the horizons for fun and factual information for the students well-being. I have found when the Professors are really enjoying what they are teaching, then a three hour lecture just flies by. I don’t find that you are staring at the clock anticipating to leave. The environment of the classroom just transforms into a totally different atmosphere. By making the classroom a warm environment, it encourages shy students to participate. It is not a place of judgement, but engagement.

I look at it as, the teachers are using their time to teach you so take advantage. Although many shy away, because of the high tuition fees, in the end it is worth it. It is not a waste of time. These years are the most important years of your life. The people you meet, the memories you make, the things you learn. This is the reward people. My experience so far and perspective has totally changed. Undergrad is so important. It may seem complicated, but it really is so simple. Starting university can be such a scary environment, but with the resources and community available that can change very quickly. Third and Fourth year at UofT, have been the best for me in terms of marks. I figure it only gets easier as time goes on.UndergradScolarship


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