What Is A Friend?

When you look at someone and see yourself in them.

Not blood related, but you would kill for them.

When your night turns to hell and you know you can count on that one person to get you through the heartache.

When you don’t have any siblings, but you can call that one person your brother or sister.

That special someone who goes out of their way for you to make sure they put a smile on your face, because a smile is priceless.

To have someone be there for you. This a luxury.

Quality is better than quantity.

One should rather have less friends who are loyal than a million who only talk to you when it benefits them.

Who needs friends? Well we all do. You just need to find the right ones.

We never make memories on our own. Friends help make memories that last a life time.

That one person who makes you laugh until you are smiling to tears.



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