The Revolution of “Likes”

The aspect of ‘likes’ has become a phenomenon that has really gotten to our heads. People are obsessed with likes, which is understandable. I myself am guilty of this, we all are. People want to the attention. Who doesn’t want to be liked?

On Instagram some people, if they don’t get enough likes on a picture on Instagram they will delete that picture. This is quite silly I must say. Also, just because someone doesn’t physically like a picture it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

This revolution of liking has really gotten to people’s heads and I don’t see it as healthy. People see themselves as more worthy and important if they have more likes on a picture than someone else. How about skills, your personality, what you bring to the table? It is true numbers don’t lie, but at the end of the day does having 100 likes on a picture really matter?

Sure it makes you look good and feel good. Don’t get me wrong if you are getting lots of likes, comments, and shares on say a photo that maintains knowledge and meaning or on a piece of music then there is nothing wrong with that. What kills me the most is when people ask other people to like stuff. It defeats the whole purpose of people liking it. If someone likes a picture or post they will like it.

The notion of buying and selling likes has turned into a business and marketing scheme, which is so ridiculous. You can also buy views on YouTube. In all ways to spend money, why would you want to spend money on that? People ultimately do it to be heard, for how and because they want to be liked and it makes them look better.Unknown


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