Rio 2016

I believe that that turmoil that has been surrounded around Brazil has brought a negative connotation to the Olympics this year. I believe that the Rio Olympics wants people to forget about it. There has been the combination of a political crisis, an economic recession, and bad press. The Olympics is supposed to bring optimism, but I’m sure people were thinking, what if there is a terrorist attack? What if there are violent crimes? Basically a lot of what ifs, which is understandable. There were worries about accommodating the athletes. In addition, there were scares of evictions to make way for Olympic projects. They want the Olympics to run smoothly, but they don’t want to cause problems for others in the running. Inevitably, there has been a lot of controversy. Organizers of Rio 2016 want to put the turmoil behind them and want to focus on the sports. The coming together of fans and athletes from around the world. They want to bring out multiculturalism and diversity to Rio. That is what the Olympics is all about essentially. Very similar to the World Cup in soccer. There has also been controversy with that. Different countries and cities have different politics attached to them. I believe everyone is aware of that. People want to be reassured that everyone is safe. They want to represent Rio as a vibrant city. For sports fans, I believe it brings excitement. They are looking forward to watch their favourite athletes. For example Michael Phelps. They are looking forward to watching volleyball, swimming and diving, because we don’t get to see these sports in the winter Olympics. The athletes also train very hard for the Olympics so I’m sure it is something they look forward to. They want to put their hard work into play, so the last thing they want is problems. Volleyball is such a fun sport to watch. It takes skill, speed, thought, experience and endurance. The best part is fans supporting athletes from their country. It represents pride for ones country.  The Olympics, it is a feel good moment. The start of something fresh and new. Sports are always a beautiful thing to witness. I think it is safe to say that many Olympics have had their difficulties. Nothing is easy. I think it is important that those from Brazil represent their Brazilian spirit and show the positive side to Brazil. It is important to overcome challenges. It makes Rio 2016 all the more exciting knowing that everything can still come together despite the drama. What’s life without obstacles? Overcoming these obstacles makes life all the more enjoyable and rewarding. 


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