Chinas Dominance in the Olympics 

I think it is evident that when it comes to China in the Olympics this year and from previous years that they dominate a lot of the sports. One of the sports that they dominate at most is table tennis. In 2008 six medals were given out for singles table tennis, three for men and three for women, inevitably China won all six. As of now, China has won 13 gold medals, 10 silver, and 16 bronzes, which puts China in second place in the standings. At the core, I believe we’re simply witnessing a growing country revamping their athletics program, which is stellar. The contrary belief is that due to the size and population of China, it’s evident that they would have a higher chance of winning more medals, because they have more athletes. But I don’t believe this is a valid reason, because they wouldn’t have 10,000 athletes competing. Following Confucius values, the Chinese have faith and belief that hard work pays off, and following a progressive athletic development method with the recurrence of technique and skill, they make sure to perfect every move. This is why they succeed in sports such as table tennis, diving, gymnastics, and even weightlifting, which requires perfection of technique. China incorporates this method of work hard, play hard and this leads to their success in winning so many medals and dominating the standings. At the end of the day sports is about winning, competing and domination and that is the mindset that the Chinese athletes put in mind. I think they lead by example and that if other countries want to do as well they should incorporate this kind of training. I believe the Chinese don’t just incorporate this mindset with just sports, but even education and the job market. The way they approach competing and winning is fair and ingenious. The Chinese incorporate their skills in a useful manner. They are very intelligent and intelligence can get you where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Obviously what China wants is to be taken seriously in sports and I think they have proven themselves. Canada is a country that is very well known for sports, but they are fourteenth in the standings in terms of medals. So it goes to show that if you put in the required work and skill it will do you well and pay off.


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