Selfie Instagram Pics Get The Most Likes

A topic I want to discuss today that most people have already figured out for themselves is that certain posts on Instagram get more likes than others. The posts that get the most likes on Instagram, evidently are selfies. Instagram users admire seeing selfies of other people. They admire beauty and appearance. It is the revolution of the selfie. It’s also safe to say people enjoy getting a lot of likes and comments on selfies. Why? They enjoy the attention. Who wouldn’t. I just find the problem is that certain things that people post on instagram that are of more importance don’t get as much attention. I find this disappointing. For example posts about interesting articles, pictures about health, current events/news. But then of course I’ve noticed posts about motivational quotes and mental health have been getting more attention, which is a positive. Overall, don’t feel bad about liking the attention or liking selfie pics, but just don’t overlook other posts that are of the same calibur, if anything of a higher calibur. I guess it also depends how many followers you have and how popular and engaging yout posts and hashtags are.


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