Are We Viewing The World As World War III?

As it is now 2017, I think it is safe to say that the world is far from a peaceful place. Not in the sense of war, but in the sense that the way we view it and how the world has changed, it has lead us to put a negative connotation on it. In addition, such matters like not being able to find employment after graduation, how the real estate market has sky rocketed, and how prices in pretty much everything has just gone up. This leaves us feeling uneasiness and anxious. In regards to the world, mental health is a huge trend and topic. Sadly, so many young teens are taking their own lives. Everyday I hear stories of people committing suicide and it is devastating. Many people consider these people selfish. For those who have never experienced anxiety, depression, or some form of mental health disorder then you have no idea. Our minds can be so powerful that they can lead us into dark places. Matters such as the fear of failure, disappointment, not being good enough and not being liked, trouble individuals minds constantly. Those who suffer with anxiety sometimes fail to see how valuable they are.

We live in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves and social media plays a part in that. This keeping on top of what everyone is doing on social media can lead to the fear of missing out. The fear of missing out is very real and can be a constant addiction that affects anxiety levels and a general sense of wellbeing. Social media allows us to compare everything: relationships, diet, figure, hair, clothes, holidays, exercise regimes, etc. So unfortunately, as many desire technology, it is an issue. We are so attached to our phones that we lack face to face interaction and communication. The stream of news that we get from our phones can therefore be a cause of anxiety.

Young adults are constantly worrying about what they want to do with their lives. They want to find a job that they enjoy but at the same time one that is high paying in order to keep up with the rise for cost of living, clothes, food etc. Previous generations have had it easier than we have. They were not given as much choice, it was easier to find jobs, and lastly you could get away with not having a degree and still landing a decent job. Therefore, there was less pressure back then.


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