Why Ed Sheeran Is The Man of The Hour

While Ed Sheeran may not be the best looking musician it doesn’t matter, as he is a talented songwriter and musician. He is far from a one hit wonder, which shows that he is going to be making music for a long time. His top hit and single “Shape of You” is still number one on iTunes and that shouldn’t be of any surprise. Ed Sheeran has without a doubt left a lasting impression on many by going from rags to riches.

He doesn’t even need a whole band to perform, just him and his acoustic, a looper pedal, a pedal board and of course his own talent. He doesn’t need background dancers or flashy lights, just himself. With this fancy equipment he is able to put on such a great show and carry such a large sound by himself. Ed Sheeran has maintained a positive image for pop music replacing the bad reputation of auto-tuned vocals.

In terms of his songwriting he write lyrics that are inspiring, original and meaningful. I’m sure many know that “A Team” is about a prostitute addicted to crack cocaine. It was written after Sheeran visited a homeless shelter and heard some of the stories of the lives people had been living. What’s different about the song is that although the lyrics are sad the music is somewhat upbeat and I think that’s an important quality to bring to a song. Just because a song is sad it doesn’t mean the beat has to follow that pattern, when it comes to music you have to take risks sometimes.

Ed Sheeran is without a doubt a talented songwriter. You know the song “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber…that’s right Ed Sheeran wrote it, so no wonder it is good. One of the many reasons Ed Sheeran is also so talented is because of his magical vocals. He is able to carry a very strong falsetto.

You know for a fact that Ed Sheeran hasn’t and never would lip-sync a live performance. In my opinion you can always tell if an artist is talented by their live performances. When the live performance is better than the recorded version then you know they have star quality.

Ed Sheeran takes his influences and likes and puts them in his music. From his autobiography “Ed Sheeran A Visual Journey” he mentions how he enjoys rap/hip-hop music and this is reflected in his music, specifically in the tune “Sing,” and “You Need Me.” Sheeran raps parts of the songs, with his fast pace singing, which shows his versatility and uniqueness that he brings in his music.



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