Disestablishing The Negativity Towards Anti-Depressants

antidepressantsWhen it comes to treating mental health issues such as anxiety there are many alternatives and things you can turn to. Of course, different things work for different people such as counseling, exercising (yoga), music, etc. But of course sometimes depending on how bad your anxiety is, you feel like you’re losing control and that you may need to turn to medication. I was at this point, but I was very hesitant, because of all the information I was reading online. Anti-depressants are a controversial topic to say the least. By many and by the media they are portrayed as negative.

Negative Myths About Anti-Depressants

Medications are dangerous, not good for you, addictive, that they will change your personality or prevent you from feeling “normal” and that they will have horrible side effects. Well let me tell you these are all myths. I was really worried about the side effects and I can honestly say that I barely had any. Dry mouth, changes in weight, nausea, having the shakes etc., all of these were inexistent.

The Truth About Anti-Depressants

When you’re depressed it feels like an evil force is being brought upon you and you feel like you will never get better. Hope becomes paralyzing. At my worst, I felt like my serotonin levels were so low. How am I ever going to think positive again?

This is why medication can be such an essential piece of the puzzle for some people. Taking antidepressants isn’t like taking a happy pill. This is also another myth. It is not a cure, but it helps you get through the days. For me, they definitely helped with sleep. I couldn’t go another day without not sleeping or barely sleeping. It will definitely help with your mood and with such things like chest pains and panic attacks.

Unfortunately, your troubles still exist. You don’t just all of a sudden wake up feeling better. You still have to work on your self-talk, rewiring your thoughts and your stance on life. Medication helps takes the edge off, so that it is viable to examine other resources of healing.



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