Blue Jays End Losing Skid 

The number one question that many Jays fans are probably asking is…What is going on with the Toronto Blue Jays? The Jays have gone off to the worst start in franchise history with a 1-9 record. Fans were definitely not anticipating this offensive slump, but just as winning streaks end so do losing streaks. 

The Jays ended their 7 game losing streak with a walk off home run by Morales. During the Jays losing skid, Morales and Tulowitzki have been two of the few players who have been scoring runs, and getting hits. This is of no surprise as Morales is a clutch player as well as Tulowitzki. 

Will this win be the end of their losing skids? Hopefully this will give them a boost and the confidence they need to move forward and get back on track. Morales should be a great influence and example for other Jays players. When a particlar player excels he tends to make other players play better. Lets hope this is the case with the Jays. 

Of course, the Jays are still aspiring to make it to the post season, as they should. It’s a very long season, and it just means the Jays have to keep grinding in games. There’s a saying that goes, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Its a cliche, but a truthful one. Evidently though, the Jays should take this losing streak as a wakeup call. 

Another area of concern for the Jays is that Donaldson has been placed on the DL. The setback with his injury has obviously been a disappointment for both Donaldson and the fans. But Donaldson has reportedly been looking into taking an alternative approach with his injury. He wants to focus on getting it healthy. Donaldson is the type of player to not let something like an injury get him discouraged. Shi Davidi claims that his calf doesn’t hurt as much as when it was first injured and that he’s been able to walk on it in a cautious manner. 

Injuries are never fun in sports, especially when it happens to important assets of a team, but they are inevitable. All you can do is treat them to the best of your ability and hope for a speedy recovery. Donaldson is staying positive with his first time on the DL ever! 


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