Music’s Functionality Is Limitless

Music has been known to be useful for many things and its uses are becoming endless. Music more and more now is being noted for its therapeutical uses. Music and anxiety maintain a strong connection as music helps to calm, distract and relax a person’s body and mind. It also great for helping one sleep.

But its not just any music, usually it is music without any lyrical content. The focus is on sound as it contains soothing rhythms. Ocean waves are popularly used to listen to before bed as well as music that is used for yoga. You can easily search for these types of sources on Youtube.

But in terms of reducing anxiety, research has actually been done by neuroscientists. A particular song can help reduce anxiety by 65%. The Mind Unleashed goes into conclusive detail and if you scroll on the page you will find the video and song that is on Youtube. I’ve found that its great to listen to before bed. It definitely helps calm a racing mind as your attention draws onto the sounds. Music and mood maintain a strong role together and although this song isn’t uplifting in the musical sense, it is in the emotional sense. This is because, if you are feeling anxious or like your losing control, it can help uplift them back into calmness.

In the song there is a constant thumping sound that sounds like a heart beat, it is oddly relaxing. The song reminds me of background music that would be used in a more somber movie. The sounds also can be compared with winds blowing. As the song continues you can hear chimes in there as well.

I totally recommend anybody who has anxiety, or insomnia. Even if you don’t suffer with these issues, it’s still peaceful to this to. Even if you are trying to stay focused, this tune is fantastic.


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