Tim Hortons coffee expands to Spain

Tim Hortons is opening up shops in Spain, for many that are not aware it is the biggest cafe market in Europe. Many are calling it an ‘aggressive global expansion’ and ‘Canadian Imperialism.’ But is expansion always a good thing? Expansion isn’t always a good thing, since the menu has been too focused on fast-food.Coffee price increase

They have also increased prices on coffee. Getting really close to the under $2 for a large coffee barrier. Now $1.98 in Ontario. So yes coffee drinkers, your double double is going to start costing a little more. So much for saving money right? It’s not really a surprise as so many things have gone up in price in Canada, Ontario. Houses, going to the movies, clothing, shoes, etc.

How good is Tim Hortons coffee?

In my sole opinion, I find that the coffee isn’t always that great. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it isn’t. When I ask for a double double, it sometimes tastes like a triple triple. I find that Starbucks is always fresh and tastes great. So based on the degraded quality of Tims coffee as of late, I would say Spain can have it! As people from countries that know what real coffee should taste like, what are they doing going to places that have better coffee?

Tims is without a doubt a popular but not a defining worldwide institution. Rather, it is a franchise of thousands of doughnut shops. It has obviously expanded past donuts, but that’s how many recognize it as. Tim Hortons is not the only thing that is part of the Canadian experience. Rather, it is a place that sells a breakfast sandwich that to put it nicely, could be made a lot better. Tims is not an anti-Starbucks option that makes you a more authentic Canadian. To be more authentic, because you associated with Tim Hortons is actually sad. Especially since it is now American. So to be paying more for coffee is unfair. I would rather purchase Starbucks for a little extra money. And for Spain, well good luck and enjoy the coffee, as I hope they do make it better.

Tim Hortons isn’t the only company, where people have complained about the food. Subway has had the same issue. But of course Tim Hortons has good ideas by having roll up the rim, and giving away free donuts.

Should Tim Hortons fix their coffee?
Maybe they should try fixing the taste of their coffee In Canada before expanding? Nowadays, many compare it to the taste of sewage water. Obviously it is a tad too late for that, but they could still make improvements to their coffee. How is something supposed to be the best or grow if improvements or changes are not made. Same with human beings. We are constantly growing, and progressing. I’m sure many would agree that Tim Hortons improving their coffee is a top priority. Is the coffee bad for you? I can’t say for sure, but it has been an area of discussion. Also as when I have had it sometimes I had stomach aches.


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