Lorde’s Melodrama as one of the best album covers of 2017

Beautiful, thought-provoking, story telling and just down right nice to look at. This is how an album cover/artwork should be viewed by its viewer. This is exactly what Lorde’s album cover provides. Her album/ cover ‘Melodrama’ came out June 16, of this year.

Designer of Melodrama

Sam Mckinniss is the designer of Lorde’s Album ‘Melodrama.’ McKinniss’s work has been displayed in art galleries and museums going back to 2005. His first solo show in New York, entitled “Black Leather Sectional,” appeared at the Joe Sheftel Gallery in May 2015. So there’s no wonder why Lorde chose him.

So what’s the story behind her album cover? The Brooklyn-based artist Sam McKinniss, painted a profound, blue focused and coloured portrait of Lorde for the album cover. It sets the theme of ‘nighttime attitudes.’ It is important that the album cover portrays the artist and the music of course. Overall, Mckinniss work offers an alternative. But how did it all start?

According to reports, Lorde wrote Mckinniss a fan mail message. She got his email address from a friend and just wrote a comforting note about how much she liked his paintings. Mckinniss was flattered, so he agreed to get together to hang out and get to know her a bit, and then started discussing the idea of doing this project together. It’s amazing how friendships can arise. Collaboration and networking is an important aspect with work. Especially with music.

Both Sam and Lorde both have a lot in common so working together was more fun than work. There were some young, nighttime attitudes he was really going for and really trying to get deep into the songs. So what he asked her to do was to meet him and create a kind of colourful teenage edginess and energy. This lead to so much grand potential. It has this kind of lushness and sensitivity to light and colour and touch and this is something that he bring to his portraits. It was an interesting collaboration. He had shot her in his friend’s apartment.

According to Mckinniss they had a really nice and short time together, just getting the shot done, perfectly. He is known to work by himself, because he doesn’t like having models or assistants around. So he spent a day or two with Lorde, just getting the right shot.

Mckinniss claimed that it was fun getting to know the true Lorde. It is important for the artist to get to know the artist he or she is painting. McKinniss claimed he was always a fan of Lorde’s but then after collaborating with her, he became an even bigger fan. He literally capturing Lorde in the twilight. I think it always makes sense to have the artist of the album on the cover. It’s not necessary but it just makes sense.

It’s a work of art

The art that portray Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, is damn right moving and thrilling to look at. In simple terms, it is mind blowing and beautiful. So it’s only fair that she provided it to her fans. In a form you can hang on a wall in order to appreciate it as the work of art it truly is. It is too pretty to just have as an album cover.

Lorde decided to offer a special lithograph print of ‘Melodramas’ cover for a limited time. Literally for only one day. But, at a price you could shockingly afford. Lorde is amazing in this sense, that she’s always giving back to her fans.

It’s picturesque, appealing, maintains a message, and has a nice blend of colours. And of course it’s a painting. That’s a wrap with the album cover and why it is one of the best in 2017.


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