Lebron James and wife Savannah appear on the cover of Vogue 

Both Lebron and wife Savannah are in Vogue Magazines 125th anniversary collectors issue. Why is this? 

In a rare interview together, the couple spoke about how they met and the beginnings of the Lebron James Family Foundation. The foundation was set up in 2004 and aims to provide educational support for students in their hometown of Akron, Ohio. This is why many recently have grown a strong admiration for the couple.

The giving couple 

Their commitment to supporting education for the kids of Akron is so inspiring. There are other reasons for calling him king James. Lebron James wanted to go to College, so doing this was very motivating for him. 

They are one of many people’s favourite couples out there. Many love them even more for giving back to their hometown Akron, OH. You can tell they have a strong relationship. Lebron obviously loves his wife and thinks she is a goddess. He will do anything to make her happy. Even if she calls the shots in the relationship. 

The gentle giant 

Good on king James for doing this. They hoth deserve to he on Vogue. We could use a lot more people like Lebron. Many are unaware that Lebron is a good samaritan. He will compliment his opponents such as James Harden. So despite people thinking he has a big ego, Lebron should be proud of what he can bring to his kids each year. 

Couple of the year 

Lebron and Savannah have redefined hometown commitment with their high- impact education program in Akron.

They are doing great things with the youth of Akron. They should be proud for being role models for all to learn from. For that, many are thankful and share their kinds words on social media. 

On the court we all know and recognize Lebron James is the leader of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But at home in suburban Akron, Lebron knows who’s boss. His wife, Savannah. Lebron and Savannah’s parenting style is just one of the heartwarming facts brought to our attention in this month’s Vogue. 

Later this year, the couple plans to open a public elementary school specifically for at-risk children. 

To conclude

The foundations goal now is to expand graduation rates among low-income students with low test scores. The program has increased in the number of students with James offering free tuition to the University of Akron to those who see it through high school. 


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