Aaron Hernandez CTE reports!

Aaron Hernandez according to the latest of news had stage 3 CTE, per attorney Jose Baez. His brain was studied at Boston University. It is also in news that the family will sue the NFL and the Patriots. Evidently, there are four stages of CTE, and stage 4 is the most severe.

What’s the backstory?

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player committed suicide in April while doing a life sentence for murder. But the story today is that he was found to have a serious type of C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease that is associated with repetitive head injury. What makes matters more interesting is that it has been found in more than 100 past NFL players. Analysts at Boston University who investigated the brain came to the conclusion that it was the nearly the most serious case they had ever witnessed with someone of the age of 27.

C.T.E., or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, can be identified only post-obituary. Hernandez is the most current past NFL player to have taken his own life and then been diagnosed with C.T.E. Some other former football players joining Aaron are Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, Andre Waters, Ray Easterling and Jovan Belcher, among others. Seau and Duerson shot themselves in the chest probably so that analysts would have the capability to investigate their brains. With Hernandez, he hung himself in his own prison cell.

Other players with CTE

Seau, Duerson and Waters were all older than Aaron, past the age of 40, while Hernandez is one of the youngest former NFL players to have had C.T.E. In July, analysts at Boston University discharged information that showed that they had found C.T.E. in the brains of 110 of the 111 past N.F.L. players they had looked at.

The fact that Aaron Hernandez had advanced C.T.E. is tragic. All in all, the NFL must address this devastating occupational health hazard for all its players and do it immediately. It is also tragic that Aaron received the worst case of C.T.E. at his age. It is no wonder now why he took his own life as he probably couldn’t deal with the situation. It is also important that fans address their relationship to the NFL.


But controversy still lies in the fact that he still killed someone. Does him having CTE make it okay to murder someone? But let’s also take into consideration that the brain chooses to murder. His brain was damaged, so yes, CTE played a part. But does that make him not guilty by reason of insanity or is he still responsible in the murder? Overall, they can only check for CTE on the dead. Plus, Aaron has always been violent so it is plausible that CTE exacerbated it.


Shapovalov qualifies for U.S. Open 

Many are eager to witness the talent from Denis Shapovalov. He wowed many at the Rogers Cup and he continued to amaze people as he beat Jan Satral to get himself a spot in the U.S. Open. Many could get used to seeing that one-handed backhand that is so crisp. Rallying from behind to beat an opponent is always impressive as it shows drive, passion, hard work and determination in the game of tennis.
He`s in

Shapovalov has safely navigated the qualifying rounds and will play in the Main Draw of the U.S. Open tennis match next week. Many haven`t been this excited for a slam in a while. It is always great to see young talent competing in sports. His incredible August will continue as history often repeats itself.

Shapovalov is without question a pleasant surprise among tennis players. What`s so great about Shapovalov is that he is fun and entertaining to watch. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he is very athletic. Denis is thankful for the support that he has received yesterday from many as this is a dream come true for him.

Some things we should know about Shapovalov

Although Denis is a tennis player, his favorite sport is hockey. Denis loves hockey and he claimed that if he was not playing tennis he would have gotten into hockey. So you can imagine how excited he must have been to see and meet Wayne Gretsky as he was in the crowd at the Rogers Cup. Another thing that is good to know about Denis is that he grew up idealizing Roger Federer. When Denis found out that Roger said he loved watching him play, you can imagine how happy that must have made him . 

Another fun fact that many should know is that he started playing tennis at the age of five years old. Last but not least, Denis is only the second Canadian to win the Wimbledon singles boys title, which is very impressive.

Summer stays hot for El Shapo

The 69th ranked youngster was seeded second in the draw thanks to his outstanding performance at the Rogers Cup that took place in Montreal. Many remember it as a time where he beat Rafael Nadal and Juan Del Potro. It allowed him to make it to a semi-final appearance, which was impressive. Denis will be performing in his very first U.S. Open and second career Grand Slam.

He will join Bouchard of Westmout, Quebec and Vasek Pospisil from Vancouver. Overall, the moral of the story is watch out for this younger as he will surprise you with his skills, talent, physique and drive. He won`t give up without putting up a battle and fight.

Life Lesson 101 

What is the point of surviving in this world if we don’t bring any meaning in our lives? We live to work towards something. We work to set goals and then accomplish them. We have passion and drive for particular things in our lives. But something obviously motivated us to bring us to that passion. 

Life is filled with both good and bad. In order to appreciate the good or experience true happiness, we must experience failure and sadness. Perfect examples of issues that many people face are with work, relationship struggles or just a lack of self-confidence.


When these types of situations come up, it’s easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt, and negativity and feel like giving up. The result is that it feels like there is no silver lining and you feel like you are surrounded by this fogginess and lacking any stimulation or incentive to move forward.


Now it is never fun or fair to be in this situation, but for many it happens and it is a part of life. So if you find yourself stuck in this trap, an easy and creative way to help get yourself out of this black hole, is to read inspirational sayings and quotes. Words can be so powerful and uplifting. They are like little reminders that can help you move forward when you are feeling down or get stuck in negativity. Thinking negative is normal, but shouldn’t consume your mind or your thoughts.


The most important part is that the people that have written these quotes, you will respect what they have to say and what they have struggled with. It will show you that if they conquer so can you.


So to put a little kick in your day here are a couple of the best inspirational words, sayings and quotes. They’ll inspire and motivate you, help you achieve what you thought was unlikely, and enable you to tackle life’s challenges.


The best inspirational saying and quotes:

1. “If you can’t fly then run. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”- Martin Luther King Jr.

2. “Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”- Soren Kierkegaard.

3. “The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.”- John Lennon

4. “My definition of stupid is wasting your opportunity to be yourself, because I think everyday has a uniqueness and everybody’s good at something.” – Pink

5. “The solution to sadness is not to look at it as a negative. The solution to sadness is understanding it. The solution to sadness is listening to it and walking it out of your heart the same way that it walked in. You can’t expect it to overtake you by walking in, and to leave by disappearing. It took steps in. It needs to take steps out.” – Najwa Zebian


Acne: Imperfections or Purity?

I am writing this to all those out there who suffer with acne. For myself I’ve had acne since my highschool days. It is something I’ve tackled with till this present day. It is something that is frustrating. It may not seem like a big deal, but it can really affect a person emotionally in a negative way. It can put a damper on the way that you look at yourself. Inevitably, it can cause insecurity and anxiety. The more we stress about it, focus on it, and pick at our acne, the worse it gets. The only way we can get past it is to embrace it.

I believe it was the singer Lorde who said that acne gives character. I loved hearing this and found it to be so true. More recently I had a friend from work also say that once a person is beautiful they always are and acne won’t change that. People are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside. We have emotions, personalities, and intelligence and that is a huge part of who we are as individuals. At the end of the day no one is perfect or has perfect skin. These celebrities or models we see should not reflect how we look at ourselves. Half the time they are photo shopped or loaded with makeup. In my opinion I wear more makeup now than I did before. I used to believe it was wrong to hide my acne with makeup and it did make it worse, but now I don’t wear the makeup to hide. I wear it because it gives me confidence and to heighten my beauty.

Most of the time acne gets better and scars fade and usually once we get older it gets better. Most of the time it has to do with how we take care of ourselves health wise, what we eat, and are stress levels. For some it doesn’t have anything to do with this. In addition, we all have different skin types so some of us don’t have to worry about getting pimples. There are literally millions of remedies for acne and different things work for different people. I know for me for sure it has gotten better. I still get it but not as bad.

Overall, we should never look down upon ourselves, because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how others look at ourselves, but how we look at ourselves. We should embrace our imperfections. Half the time people don’t even notice or pay attention to it. Acne is obviously something that many people have; others have it worse than others. Mine was never super bad to begin with, but when I was going through anxiety it was pretty bad. I know for myself I just had no confidence about myself. I avoided looking at myself in the mirror. But now that I’m coping a lot better with my anxiety and no longer experiencing it as bad, my acne has gotten a lot better.

The main thing is all about confidence. People who have big personalities don’t worry about blemishes on their face. We live in a society where looks are the way we judge people. Our faces are the first thing that people see so of course we are prone to look at people a certain way. But I think now we are moving away from superficiality and focusing on personality over looks, well at least I hope we are. All in all, I think we are moving towards a time where people are becoming less judgmental. Of course people still focus on beauty and looks, which is notable but I believe that we should never bully, ridicule or judge people who have bad acne.

If We

If we don’t experience heartache

Then we can’t experience love

If we don’t experience love

Then we can’t experience life.

If we don’t experience life

Then we can’t experience downfalls

If we don’t experience downfalls

Then we can’t learn from our mistakes

If we don’t experience fortune

Then we can’t experience happiness

If we don’t experience happiness

Then we can’t experience melancholy

If we don’t experience melancholy

Then we can’t experience emotion

If we don’t experience emotion

Then we have no souls