Aaron Hernandez CTE reports!

Aaron Hernandez according to the latest of news had stage 3 CTE, per attorney Jose Baez. His brain was studied at Boston University. It is also in news that the family will sue the NFL and the Patriots. Evidently, there are four stages of CTE, and stage 4 is the most severe.

What’s the backstory?

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player committed suicide in April while doing a life sentence for murder. But the story today is that he was found to have a serious type of C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease that is associated with repetitive head injury. What makes matters more interesting is that it has been found in more than 100 past NFL players. Analysts at Boston University who investigated the brain came to the conclusion that it was the nearly the most serious case they had ever witnessed with someone of the age of 27.

C.T.E., or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, can be identified only post-obituary. Hernandez is the most current past NFL player to have taken his own life and then been diagnosed with C.T.E. Some other former football players joining Aaron are Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, Andre Waters, Ray Easterling and Jovan Belcher, among others. Seau and Duerson shot themselves in the chest probably so that analysts would have the capability to investigate their brains. With Hernandez, he hung himself in his own prison cell.

Other players with CTE

Seau, Duerson and Waters were all older than Aaron, past the age of 40, while Hernandez is one of the youngest former NFL players to have had C.T.E. In July, analysts at Boston University discharged information that showed that they had found C.T.E. in the brains of 110 of the 111 past N.F.L. players they had looked at.

The fact that Aaron Hernandez had advanced C.T.E. is tragic. All in all, the NFL must address this devastating occupational health hazard for all its players and do it immediately. It is also tragic that Aaron received the worst case of C.T.E. at his age. It is no wonder now why he took his own life as he probably couldn’t deal with the situation. It is also important that fans address their relationship to the NFL.


But controversy still lies in the fact that he still killed someone. Does him having CTE make it okay to murder someone? But let’s also take into consideration that the brain chooses to murder. His brain was damaged, so yes, CTE played a part. But does that make him not guilty by reason of insanity or is he still responsible in the murder? Overall, they can only check for CTE on the dead. Plus, Aaron has always been violent so it is plausible that CTE exacerbated it.


Shapovalov qualifies for U.S. Open 

Many are eager to witness the talent from Denis Shapovalov. He wowed many at the Rogers Cup and he continued to amaze people as he beat Jan Satral to get himself a spot in the U.S. Open. Many could get used to seeing that one-handed backhand that is so crisp. Rallying from behind to beat an opponent is always impressive as it shows drive, passion, hard work and determination in the game of tennis.
He`s in

Shapovalov has safely navigated the qualifying rounds and will play in the Main Draw of the U.S. Open tennis match next week. Many haven`t been this excited for a slam in a while. It is always great to see young talent competing in sports. His incredible August will continue as history often repeats itself.

Shapovalov is without question a pleasant surprise among tennis players. What`s so great about Shapovalov is that he is fun and entertaining to watch. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he is very athletic. Denis is thankful for the support that he has received yesterday from many as this is a dream come true for him.

Some things we should know about Shapovalov

Although Denis is a tennis player, his favorite sport is hockey. Denis loves hockey and he claimed that if he was not playing tennis he would have gotten into hockey. So you can imagine how excited he must have been to see and meet Wayne Gretsky as he was in the crowd at the Rogers Cup. Another thing that is good to know about Denis is that he grew up idealizing Roger Federer. When Denis found out that Roger said he loved watching him play, you can imagine how happy that must have made him . 

Another fun fact that many should know is that he started playing tennis at the age of five years old. Last but not least, Denis is only the second Canadian to win the Wimbledon singles boys title, which is very impressive.

Summer stays hot for El Shapo

The 69th ranked youngster was seeded second in the draw thanks to his outstanding performance at the Rogers Cup that took place in Montreal. Many remember it as a time where he beat Rafael Nadal and Juan Del Potro. It allowed him to make it to a semi-final appearance, which was impressive. Denis will be performing in his very first U.S. Open and second career Grand Slam.

He will join Bouchard of Westmout, Quebec and Vasek Pospisil from Vancouver. Overall, the moral of the story is watch out for this younger as he will surprise you with his skills, talent, physique and drive. He won`t give up without putting up a battle and fight.

Durant refuses to attend White House as he doesn’t respect Trump.

Kevin Durant  has announced that he will not be attending the White House should President Trump invite the Golden State Warriors. According to reports, Durant does not respect Donald Trump as President of the U.S. According to the Bleacher ReportDurant stated, “I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that. That’s just me personally, but I know my guys well enough, they’ll all agree with me.”

Voicing his opinion

Ever since Kevin Durant was a youngster, he dreamed of taking the Larry O’Brien Trophy to the front steps of the White House. Many people love to dream and set goals for themselves and this is one of Durant’s.

Trump’s hostile command has been looked at as negative as what he believes in, many disagree with. Over the past few years and his recently marked remission to what occurred in Charlottesville Virgina, it has caused a lot of athletes and politicians to speak freely of their frustrations with Trump. Oppression  is something that Durant and many others are firmly against. Violence recently broke out in Charlottesville, leading to the death of Heather Myer, 32. So keeping this in mind, Durant trusts that Trump has played a role in the heightening of racial strain in the U.S.

Not impressed

Kevin Durant has every right as a person to express his views and opinions of Donald Trump. His disdain for Trump is something that he is confident in expressing. He definitely has the right to criticize Trump as it is unjust for oppression to continue in a world where many have overcome so much of it. Many agree that ever since he has made his way into office, or since he ran for president, certain countries have been so divided and it’s not a coincidence. When Obama was in office, conditions were looking better. There was more aspiration in certain communities. This is because there was an African American President and that was a breakthrough. It’s with all this hatred towards Trump that many wonder why he won the presidential campaign in the first place?

Durant is not alone

Durant is not the only one that disagrees with Trump’s actions, as fellow Warriors players also expressed their discontent. Since the Warriors won it all, there have been doubts over whether the team would make the traditional White House visit. Even opponent, friend and NBA star LeBron James feels that Trump is not ‘making America great again.’ LeBron feels that the direction that the U.S. is heading is not the right one.

Life Lesson 101 

What is the point of surviving in this world if we don’t bring any meaning in our lives? We live to work towards something. We work to set goals and then accomplish them. We have passion and drive for particular things in our lives. But something obviously motivated us to bring us to that passion. 

Life is filled with both good and bad. In order to appreciate the good or experience true happiness, we must experience failure and sadness. Perfect examples of issues that many people face are with work, relationship struggles or just a lack of self-confidence.


When these types of situations come up, it’s easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt, and negativity and feel like giving up. The result is that it feels like there is no silver lining and you feel like you are surrounded by this fogginess and lacking any stimulation or incentive to move forward.


Now it is never fun or fair to be in this situation, but for many it happens and it is a part of life. So if you find yourself stuck in this trap, an easy and creative way to help get yourself out of this black hole, is to read inspirational sayings and quotes. Words can be so powerful and uplifting. They are like little reminders that can help you move forward when you are feeling down or get stuck in negativity. Thinking negative is normal, but shouldn’t consume your mind or your thoughts.


The most important part is that the people that have written these quotes, you will respect what they have to say and what they have struggled with. It will show you that if they conquer so can you.


So to put a little kick in your day here are a couple of the best inspirational words, sayings and quotes. They’ll inspire and motivate you, help you achieve what you thought was unlikely, and enable you to tackle life’s challenges.


The best inspirational saying and quotes:

1. “If you can’t fly then run. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”- Martin Luther King Jr.

2. “Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards”- Soren Kierkegaard.

3. “The more real you get the more unreal the world gets.”- John Lennon

4. “My definition of stupid is wasting your opportunity to be yourself, because I think everyday has a uniqueness and everybody’s good at something.” – Pink

5. “The solution to sadness is not to look at it as a negative. The solution to sadness is understanding it. The solution to sadness is listening to it and walking it out of your heart the same way that it walked in. You can’t expect it to overtake you by walking in, and to leave by disappearing. It took steps in. It needs to take steps out.” – Najwa Zebian


Selfie Instagram Pics Get The Most Likes

A topic I want to discuss today that most people have already figured out for themselves is that certain posts on Instagram get more likes than others. The posts that get the most likes on Instagram, evidently are selfies. Instagram users admire seeing selfies of other people. They admire beauty and appearance. It is the revolution of the selfie. It’s also safe to say people enjoy getting a lot of likes and comments on selfies. Why? They enjoy the attention. Who wouldn’t. I just find the problem is that certain things that people post on instagram that are of more importance don’t get as much attention. I find this disappointing. For example posts about interesting articles, pictures about health, current events/news. But then of course I’ve noticed posts about motivational quotes and mental health have been getting more attention, which is a positive. Overall, don’t feel bad about liking the attention or liking selfie pics, but just don’t overlook other posts that are of the same calibur, if anything of a higher calibur. I guess it also depends how many followers you have and how popular and engaging yout posts and hashtags are.

How to Market Your Business -Pokémon Go: A Gaming Craze That’s Far From A Phase

Do you run a business or help promote one? Are you also a gaming enthusiast? Then I have some exciting news that you probably wouldn’t think of in your wildest dreams. Pokémon Go is probably one of the most played apps as we speak. When you see people walking on the sidewalk with their phones, I think you know what they are so occupied doing. This is the perfect time and opportunity for your business to take advantage on it. According to Social Media Examiner there are effective ways to boost your business. The main idea is to getting people to your business. Social media is so useful these days so use it. Invite users to come play at your specific location. I’ll provide an example similar to the one the website has outlined. Hey gamers, Shoppers Drug Mart Owners here! Catch a Pokémon at one of our franchise locations! Post the picture in the comments for a chance to win a $15 gift card. Well notify the winners on Sept 1st.
Think about it, when playing Pokémon Go, there are only two minor problems with it, ok maybe three. It is super addictive, it drains your battery and it uses up data. So if you give the people what they want I guarantee this will drive them towards your business. SO what do you do? Offer WIFI and charging stations. Have signs available with your message! Without a doubt you will get a huge market and crowd.
I have found that people love sharing with one another the Pokémon’s they have caught with one another. I’m sure people are already sharing on social media. Why not do this then. Ask users to take a photo of their favourite Pokémon’s that they have caught taken at your company and ask them to tag your business in the photo. This will create massive exposure for your company. For example, caught this charmander at Dave’s Bar and Grill on St. Clair. In addition, look for these messages and reach out to your crowd. Nothing is more satisfying then you thanking someone for their help.
Do you have an amazing product and business that you want to send across to the world? Get users to take pictures of Pokémon with your products. And of course get them to share it on social media. Have them also provide a short but sweet message. Hey everyone, who is playing Pokémon Go right now? I’m at HMV right now and they are having a massive sale on Vinyl’s and I just caught a Drowzee. I just killed two birds with one stone.
Your probably getting the trend that social media is the way to go, because the younger generation uses it the most. Snapchat is also one of the hottest apps right now. I definitely think it’s up there with Instagram. Encourage users to take snaps of the Pokémon they are catching inside your company. People tend to have so many friends on Snapchat so they will see images of your business. 
Any of all of the above I believe are effective ways to market your business. Not why take advantage of one of the most popular games right now. Everyone should get the glory not just the user or the owner of the game. I think some people started to believe that Pokémon Go was going to be a phase like the ice bucket challenge. But I don’t think this game is going to be obsolete anytime soon my friends. Use the resources that are being given to you.
Fun fact for everyone. Did you know that according to Recode, approximately 9.5 million people play Pokémon daily. In a nutshell, you would be crazy to not use Pokémon Go to market your business. 

The Revolution of “Likes”

The aspect of ‘likes’ has become a phenomenon that has really gotten to our heads. People are obsessed with likes, which is understandable. I myself am guilty of this, we all are. People want to the attention. Who doesn’t want to be liked?

On Instagram some people, if they don’t get enough likes on a picture on Instagram they will delete that picture. This is quite silly I must say. Also, just because someone doesn’t physically like a picture it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

This revolution of liking has really gotten to people’s heads and I don’t see it as healthy. People see themselves as more worthy and important if they have more likes on a picture than someone else. How about skills, your personality, what you bring to the table? It is true numbers don’t lie, but at the end of the day does having 100 likes on a picture really matter?

Sure it makes you look good and feel good. Don’t get me wrong if you are getting lots of likes, comments, and shares on say a photo that maintains knowledge and meaning or on a piece of music then there is nothing wrong with that. What kills me the most is when people ask other people to like stuff. It defeats the whole purpose of people liking it. If someone likes a picture or post they will like it.

The notion of buying and selling likes has turned into a business and marketing scheme, which is so ridiculous. You can also buy views on YouTube. In all ways to spend money, why would you want to spend money on that? People ultimately do it to be heard, for how and because they want to be liked and it makes them look better.Unknown