Aaron Hernandez CTE reports!

Aaron Hernandez according to the latest of news had stage 3 CTE, per attorney Jose Baez. His brain was studied at Boston University. It is also in news that the family will sue the NFL and the Patriots. Evidently, there are four stages of CTE, and stage 4 is the most severe.

What’s the backstory?

Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots player committed suicide in April while doing a life sentence for murder. But the story today is that he was found to have a serious type of C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease that is associated with repetitive head injury. What makes matters more interesting is that it has been found in more than 100 past NFL players. Analysts at Boston University who investigated the brain came to the conclusion that it was the nearly the most serious case they had ever witnessed with someone of the age of 27.

C.T.E., or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, can be identified only post-obituary. Hernandez is the most current past NFL player to have taken his own life and then been diagnosed with C.T.E. Some other former football players joining Aaron are Dave Duerson, Junior Seau, Andre Waters, Ray Easterling and Jovan Belcher, among others. Seau and Duerson shot themselves in the chest probably so that analysts would have the capability to investigate their brains. With Hernandez, he hung himself in his own prison cell.

Other players with CTE

Seau, Duerson and Waters were all older than Aaron, past the age of 40, while Hernandez is one of the youngest former NFL players to have had C.T.E. In July, analysts at Boston University discharged information that showed that they had found C.T.E. in the brains of 110 of the 111 past N.F.L. players they had looked at.

The fact that Aaron Hernandez had advanced C.T.E. is tragic. All in all, the NFL must address this devastating occupational health hazard for all its players and do it immediately. It is also tragic that Aaron received the worst case of C.T.E. at his age. It is no wonder now why he took his own life as he probably couldn’t deal with the situation. It is also important that fans address their relationship to the NFL.


But controversy still lies in the fact that he still killed someone. Does him having CTE make it okay to murder someone? But let’s also take into consideration that the brain chooses to murder. His brain was damaged, so yes, CTE played a part. But does that make him not guilty by reason of insanity or is he still responsible in the murder? Overall, they can only check for CTE on the dead. Plus, Aaron has always been violent so it is plausible that CTE exacerbated it.


Women, gender and tennis

Three major competitions; Wimbledon, The Rogers Cup, and The US Open are always major talk in the sports industry. I believe tennis to be a very active and exciting sport to watch on television. Although it may not involve as much contact as hockey, basketball, or baseball the quality that makes it stand out from the other sports mentioned are that women are participating and getting recognition in sports.
I believe it is great that we get to watch women participate in sporting events, because it shows that women can do anything that men can do. There has been the biased opinion that women’s tennis is one dimensional, and outside of the norm. I believe this to be false on so many levels. I have watched many stellar women athletes like Serena Williams who plays with aggression, and perfection. I have come to the conclusion that professional athletes like Serena Williams or Maria Sharpova being in the sport as long as they have been, they have the ability to read their opponents weak points. This also applies to players like Madison Keys and Sloane Stephens.
 In addition, they are able to win matches by using their strong points. As I have continued to watch tennis I have come across an issue that has surprised me, but at the same time hasn’t. We would think coming into the year 2017, where women have come so far into the world of sports that both men and women’s tennis would be at the same level of difficulty. I have noticed that men have to play one extra set in tournaments in order to advance to the next round. I find this to be demeaning to women.
 Although some might argue that it seems that men play more, because of the stereotype that they are stronger and that they can handle more, I find this to go against everything that equality has brought to society and to women. Wimbledon tennis used to be only men and now that has changed so I’m sure there is more room for change with women and tennis. Allowing best of fives for women would not only boost athleticism, but it would push athletes to work harder and allow them to want to accomplish more in their career.

Shapovalov qualifies for U.S. Open 

Many are eager to witness the talent from Denis Shapovalov. He wowed many at the Rogers Cup and he continued to amaze people as he beat Jan Satral to get himself a spot in the U.S. Open. Many could get used to seeing that one-handed backhand that is so crisp. Rallying from behind to beat an opponent is always impressive as it shows drive, passion, hard work and determination in the game of tennis.
He`s in

Shapovalov has safely navigated the qualifying rounds and will play in the Main Draw of the U.S. Open tennis match next week. Many haven`t been this excited for a slam in a while. It is always great to see young talent competing in sports. His incredible August will continue as history often repeats itself.

Shapovalov is without question a pleasant surprise among tennis players. What`s so great about Shapovalov is that he is fun and entertaining to watch. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and he is very athletic. Denis is thankful for the support that he has received yesterday from many as this is a dream come true for him.

Some things we should know about Shapovalov

Although Denis is a tennis player, his favorite sport is hockey. Denis loves hockey and he claimed that if he was not playing tennis he would have gotten into hockey. So you can imagine how excited he must have been to see and meet Wayne Gretsky as he was in the crowd at the Rogers Cup. Another thing that is good to know about Denis is that he grew up idealizing Roger Federer. When Denis found out that Roger said he loved watching him play, you can imagine how happy that must have made him . 

Another fun fact that many should know is that he started playing tennis at the age of five years old. Last but not least, Denis is only the second Canadian to win the Wimbledon singles boys title, which is very impressive.

Summer stays hot for El Shapo

The 69th ranked youngster was seeded second in the draw thanks to his outstanding performance at the Rogers Cup that took place in Montreal. Many remember it as a time where he beat Rafael Nadal and Juan Del Potro. It allowed him to make it to a semi-final appearance, which was impressive. Denis will be performing in his very first U.S. Open and second career Grand Slam.

He will join Bouchard of Westmout, Quebec and Vasek Pospisil from Vancouver. Overall, the moral of the story is watch out for this younger as he will surprise you with his skills, talent, physique and drive. He won`t give up without putting up a battle and fight.

Leafs Hustle To Make It A 2-1 Series 

I’m sure many Leaf fans were dissapointed when they found out that the Leafs had to face the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs. I’m sure many anticipated a series sweep. But you shall never underestimate a team. The Leafs are definitely leaving an impression by not letting a team like Washington push them around. Washington may have took the first game, but the Leafs came back in game 2 in double overtime with a goal by the rookie Kasperi Kapanen. 

It was expected that Washington was not going to come back strong. With game 3, The Caps took a 3-1 lead in the game, leaving Leaf fans hopeless, but if you bring hustle, heart, and determination anything is possible. The Leafs end up tying the game bringing the series to another overtime game. With the Leafs having the spark in the third period and carrying a power play into overtime, luck was on their side. 

Surely enough, Tyler Bozak gets the game winning goal to make it a 2-1 series and shocks the NHL world. This series has been nothing but satisfying. It is so nice to see a team that has continually struggled finally start to show some success. Watching the Leafs keep up with the Washington Capitals is invigorating. This game brings so much positives for the Leafs. It will give them all the confidence they need for game 4. 

It’s safe to say that the Leafs brought the overtime magic to stun the Caps. The Leafs showed resiliency in both game 2 and 3. In game 2 it was with the Roman Polak injury and in game 3 it was coming back from behind. The key with hockey is to stay optimistic despite what the circumstances are. 

Blue Jays End Losing Skid 

The number one question that many Jays fans are probably asking is…What is going on with the Toronto Blue Jays? The Jays have gone off to the worst start in franchise history with a 1-9 record. Fans were definitely not anticipating this offensive slump, but just as winning streaks end so do losing streaks. 

The Jays ended their 7 game losing streak with a walk off home run by Morales. During the Jays losing skid, Morales and Tulowitzki have been two of the few players who have been scoring runs, and getting hits. This is of no surprise as Morales is a clutch player as well as Tulowitzki. 

Will this win be the end of their losing skids? Hopefully this will give them a boost and the confidence they need to move forward and get back on track. Morales should be a great influence and example for other Jays players. When a particlar player excels he tends to make other players play better. Lets hope this is the case with the Jays. 

Of course, the Jays are still aspiring to make it to the post season, as they should. It’s a very long season, and it just means the Jays have to keep grinding in games. There’s a saying that goes, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Its a cliche, but a truthful one. Evidently though, the Jays should take this losing streak as a wakeup call. 

Another area of concern for the Jays is that Donaldson has been placed on the DL. The setback with his injury has obviously been a disappointment for both Donaldson and the fans. But Donaldson has reportedly been looking into taking an alternative approach with his injury. He wants to focus on getting it healthy. Donaldson is the type of player to not let something like an injury get him discouraged. Shi Davidi claims that his calf doesn’t hurt as much as when it was first injured and that he’s been able to walk on it in a cautious manner. 

Injuries are never fun in sports, especially when it happens to important assets of a team, but they are inevitable. All you can do is treat them to the best of your ability and hope for a speedy recovery. Donaldson is staying positive with his first time on the DL ever! 

The Top 5 Best NHL Athletes in 2017

There are so many well-acclaimed and talented athletes out there in the NHL. But of course there are certain ones that have really stood out so far in 2017. Can you take a guess at who has made the list? What does the best athlete possess? Drive, discipline, confidence, focus, commitment, tolerance for pain, and determination. All of these qualities are crucial if you want to make it big in the NHL. Hockey is all about sacrificing your body so that you can get the win. It is about driving the puck to the net. In addition, it is about never giving up and fighting until the end. Hockey is that game that everyone looks forward to watching as it brings excitement and anticipation. As the playoffs are just about to begin this list comes at a convenient time. So here are the top 5 best NHL Athletes this year.

5. Auston Matthews


At number five it is none other than the rookie Mr. Auston Matthews. How could he not make the list? Getting 40 goals in his first season in the NHL, I think that calls for a successful season, especially with a team (Toronto Maple Leafs) that has finally made the playoffs in a full season. His first season in the NHL and he’s already going into the playoffs, what a year it has been for Matthews. Matthews is not only a prized possession for the Toronto Maple Leafs but he is also a great influence for aspiring hockey players who plan to make it in the NHL. Did I forget to mention that Matthews is the fourth rookie in NHL history to net 40 goals in a season before his 20th birthday? That’s pretty impressive.

4. Brad Marchand


Coming in at number four is Brad Marchand. In many peoples eyes he is a controversial player as he is definitely feisty. His recent suspension for spearing Tampa Bay defenseman Jake Dotchin definitely didn’t leave a positive impression of Marchand’s image to viewers. But despite this he has definitely put up the numbers this year and has lead his team (The Boston Bruins) to the playoffs. Posting 39 goals and 46 assists in 85 games definitely shows that he is determined to win. He is definitely not afraid to get in there and that’s what hockey is all about. You can’t be afraid of getting hit, because being afraid will not win you games and will only let other players skate circles around you. He also has a very cocky attitude, but posting the numbers that he has this year, he has reason to be confident and you need all the confidence you can get in the NHL.

3. Connor McDavid

NHL: MAR 20 Avalanche at Oilers

I think number three is quite obvious. Coming in at number three is Conor McDavid. He may not have as many goals as the two mentioned above, but he definitely has the points to show for it. 100 points in 82 games played. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is. McDavid has led the Edmonton Oilers to the playoffs and the Oilers are another team like the Leafs that have been rebuilding. Connor McDavid is destined for the Oilers greatness and success. His skating, shot and hockey IQ are all at a high level, and he has the capacity to make other players around him more skilled, which is a very important quality in a player. Although he is usually condoned for his offensive skills, McDavid can be used in different situations, which represents how he is not a one-dimensional player.

2. Sidney Crosby

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Toronto Maple Leafs

Number two is Sid The Kid, but realistically he is no longer a kid, but is still a stellar hockey player. He is definitely not slowing down or showing any sign of weakness or poor production. Posting 44 goals and 89 points in 75 games is top notch. I don’t have to be the one to tell you that there have been so many games this year where Crosby shined with some amazing goals. If you picked Crosby for your fantasy sports pool you did yourself good. If you are on the same line as Crosby, you are one lucky duckling as you are guaranteed to get points. Crosby is the type of player that plays with a lot of emotion and intensity and that’s what hockey is all about.

1. Alex Ovechkin


Alas coming in at number one is the one and only Alex Ovechkin. Did you really think it would be anyone else. The man with a killer shot, and a huge heart for the game. Ovechkin lives, breathes and sleeps hockey. Posting 69 points in 82 games, he has helped carry his team to the playoffs once again and has assisted them in attaining the presidents trophy. The Capitals are very deserving and big contenders to win the Stanley Cup this year and I think Ovechkin wants to win the Stanley cup more than anything. When you think of great hockey players Ovechkin 9 out of the 10 times will come to mind. His focus and determination is scoring and winning and I don’t know what’s more important than that. He is the big man with the big shot and everyone knows it and believes it. “Guys like Ovi shoot it so hard that it’s almost like you’re a batter in baseball. You see the blur of the puck coming at you in frames.” – Jonathan Quick, July 2015.

They Are No Longer The Toronto Maple Laughs

The frustration of Toronto sports teams not achieving the success that their fans know they are capable of has been a continuous drag to say the least. The Toronto Maple Leafs fit this category to a T. The last time the Toronto Maple Leafs made the playoffs was when the NHL had the lockout in 2012/2013. And I don’t need to remind you of game 7 against the Boston Bruins. It’s all a moment we would rather not relive. Many fans knew that it was going to take some time for the organization to rebuild. Well that time has finally come.

Landing Auston Matthews in the lottery was a blessing. He has beaten Wendell Clark for goals by a rookie and at this moment he is at 38 goals. Who would of thought that a team encompassed by rookies would excel? Rookies such as Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Conor Brown, and Nikita Zaitsev etc. have lifted the team. Of course there is still work to be done defensively, but Mike Babcock has done a stellar job shaping up the team. The Leafs are currently in a playoff position and it will be exciting to see what they can do if they make the playoffs.

The Leafs definitely have an advantage by having many young players on the team, as they are agile, fast, skilled, determined, and great skaters. In regards to goaltending Frederick Andersen has been inconsistent at times, more towards the beginning of the season, but he has come along as the Leafs number one goalie. He has definitely kept the Leafs in a lot of games, many of those games turning into wins. Posting a 32-15-14 record with 4 shut outs, which is respectable.

The Leafs power play has been an area of major improvement. This is an area where they lacked success in the past. This is not the case in 2017. The Leafs are number one in the NHL for the power play, and when there have been close games and the Leafs have the man advantage this has helped them win games. The puck movement during the powerplay has been amazing as well as teamwork. In the past when The Leafs were behind in a game the likelyhood of them coming back to win was unlikely, but this scenario has changed. The Leafs have been able to come back in games, which shows tenacity.

So it’s safe to say we are no longer laughing at the Leafs, but hopefully we’ll be cheering into the playoffs.