Why You Should Have A Fidget Cube If You Have OCD or Anxiety

When it comes to having anxiety or OCD there are many ways to cope with it. Having anxiety and/or OCD or even both can be overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. The feeling of hopelessness can start to kick in. But you don’t have to feel alone or lost. Something that I have found to help me and that I believe can benefit others is having a fidget cube. This little handy device can be great to use when you are feeling anxious, find your mind racing, and find yourself obsessing over those compulsions.

How Does It Help?

You may wonder and start to contemplate on how a fidget cube will help you with your anxiety or OCD. A Fidget Cube is a great device to use first off since it is small and easy to carry around anywhere you go. So whenever you find yourself stuck and needing to cope with your mental health struggles you can just fidget with your fidget cube. For myself, I have discovered that it helps to take my attention off my anxiousness and obsessions and allows me to place my focus on what I have to do with the fidget cube. The cube contains various things on it that allow you to touch them, push, spin, and fidget with. As well with the texture it provides a soothing effect. In addition, the noises it makes also allows for a positive distraction. I find the cube in general manifests for a great distraction. If you are a student in class I think it is great to use when you find yourself struggling. Anywhere you go you can have it with you to help you. It has also been said that fidgeting is a positive tactic that helps you focus. Fidget cubes have also been known to help those who deal with ADHD. Now a fidget cube may not help everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try it. Different things work for everyone but this is something I thought I would share as I am a advocate for mental health.


False Accusations About Anxiety

Anxiety as many of us know is one of the most common mental health disorders experienced by teens and young adults. It is the fear of the unknown and of the future. It is like an evil force brought upon one’s mind.

There is so much stigma attached to anxiety and it is important that we fight against them. Sadly a lot of false accusations get labeled on anxiety and for those who have it. Here are the top 10 I’ve compiled.

1. We are overexaggerating and overreacting.

2. Just think positive and you’ll be fine.

3. People who share about their mental illness on social media do it for attention.

4. When people think that telling you to calm down with help you calm down.

5. Anxiety is not that serious of an illness.

6. For someone who has anxiety they will always look sad.

7. That people with anxiety avoid people because they want to be alone.

8. People with anxiety don’t feel sick.

9. that taking anti- anxiety medications are bad.

10. telling someone with anxiety to relax will help them relax.